Secret Project = TIMEWATCH!!

That’s right, game reveal time yeah! Sorry for teasing you for so long.

Check out for more, or I guess I’ll keep talking about it more openly now here (nobody reads this blog anyways)

I am back from San Francisco where I attended GDC. I wasn’t planning on going, but then since we submitted the game to the EGW and got accepted, well, I kinda had to.

The entire EGW session has been uploaded publicly to the GDC Vault so if you go to the 42 minute mark you can see me nervously attempt to explain the game to a huge crowd.

This was actually my first time being recorded while speaking in public and BOY DO I MOVE MY HANDS A LOT.

Stan S. Stanman as game developer

I was pretty nervous but hey, it was fun!

Bonus anecdote: sharing a session with Petri Purho, 10 years after sharing the IGF expo floor with him. I had even made a post about it at the time and everything… So this is what being old as fuck feels like…