As my third Year of the Rat draws to a close...

As I type these words, I’m just done porting over all my older blog contents over to a new URL (first it was, then it became, and now back to and a new underlying tech (bye Wordpress, it’s been frustrating).

According to the dates, my last “true” post was three years ago, in 2018. I was happy to reveal that Quantum League, then known as TimeWatch, had been greenlit. That game has been released in Early Access since May 2020, and will hit 1.0 this April. I guess that’ll be a good opportunity for a post-mortem.

In that period, I have been unable to muster the will to write anything public, about game design or anything else. I took it as a failure then, but now I know why: I progressively lost and slowly rebuilt my perception of Game Design.

I look at my words from then and I find it hard not to cringe a little; I managed to repress the need to rewrite myself, except for passages where I sounded downright bitter or even aggressive towards others. If I hurt anyone at that moment, I am sorry now.