Secret Project @ EGW

I am super pleased (and freaked out) to announce that Secret Project’s first public appearance will be at the 2018 Experimental Gameplay Workshop, held on the last day of GDC.

I’ve made a point of attending that session in the years I’ve been to GDC, and seeing the selected games and prototypes has been an inspiration and a breath of fresh air every single time. Now I’m panicking a little bit at the prospect of having to demo the game to a packed room of game developers, and finding a way to communicate what the game is about in only 10 minutes or so.

Speaking of the game, the pace is slowly picking up. There are now 3 developers assigned full-time to the project. The current main focus of work is refactoring the underlying network code (so now you know it’s an online game then!) to make it more robust, we’re also making a proper research for the art style, and narrowing down the minimum product we need to launch on early access or closed alpha.

Stuff like the game’s final name, or levels, or details of some core mechanics are still being defined, even at this advanced stage of development.

Au travail!