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Balthazar Auger

ENJMIN – New vintage of games and interactive experiences

ENJMIN1 min read

Sorry about the short absence, work got the best of me.

What I intended to talk about earlier this week was about the latest crop of projects to come out of ENJMIN. Every year around the end of June, first year students demo their interactive pieces to the public.

This year, a grand total of seventeen works were presented. Not all of them are downloadable yet, I’ll update the list as they hit the web. Read further for the full list.

  • [Premier Contact](
  • Bleu Marine
  • Bêtes Noires
  • Tepeyollotl
  • Kid Nap
  • Terre Adelie
  • God blessed
  • Oscar
  • Lost Golgoths
  • A La Conquete De L’Univers
  • Puzzle Wars
  • Zombids
  • Candy Factory
  • Epitaphe
  • Fatal Error
  • Aquaeductus
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