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Balthazar Auger

About awe6

1 min read

For this project, I decided to use awe6 as an underlying framework to the game.

It’s a mashup of many different design patterns I was unfamiliar with when I began, and it served as a very good excuse to learn about that.

Other than that, it makes almost 0 assumptions about what your game looks like. Theoretically, it could even be used for 2d and 3d games, but I have yet not found a concrete example of the latter on the web. Who needs 3d anyways, right?

I looked at haxeflixel and haxepunk, but those frameworks are heavily slanted towards making arcade-y games. If you choose another path, you will have all that leftover code lying around doing nothing.

Yes, I’ve had to reinvent the wheel with awe6 a couple of times (I’m looking at YOU, drag&drop!), with the benefit of having learnt something about wheels along the way.

Anyways, I can already predict there will be a point in the future where I will curse myself for going with that framework for X or Y reasons. The most important thing for me to remember when I hit that rough patch is not to give up so easily!

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