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Balthazar Auger

An interesting piece of spam

Poesysteme1 min read

My filters let this slip through today:

barkpeeler anatomicosurgical subdistinguished recontribute epigonium advisedly subtreasury upspring

Yeah, spam bots will try to find the most remote words to distinguish themselves from most spam and thus fool our filters. It made me think, let’s all hope that spammers don’t start using algorithms like the one I’ve used on poesysteme to create new words.

Although receiving spam made with my game might be flattering, I must say.


They seem to come in herds:

redoubtably hysterogenous globoseness precartilaginous licentiousness squelchingly armature shriekily

trowlesworthite hierograph siskin zenick judger cataractwise overdeeming cornerway

educative shaglet pixilated anthodium mowland paleostylic gebur unode

phacoscope ozokerite unbitten hepialid caledonian quoteless avijja quetenite

Just lovin’it…

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