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Balthazar Auger

AJV @ ENJMIN - Day two

ENJMIN1 min read

Okay, it’s getting real hard to pay attention to these conferences and try to hold a deadline. So, short reviews.

This morning we had Thomas Bidaux, from NCSoft. He talked about the way the economic model you choose for a game (especially online games) impacts directly the game design process. Actually spent a little too much time describing economic models and very little design, which actually makes sense since he’s not a designer. But the Q&A was great.

We then had the pleasure to hear Michael Nitsche talk about the history of Machinima, sharing some of his insight and work on the subject. I wish he had had a little more time, though.

And finally, two guys from EA europe talking about recruiting. Which was kind of useless, since it was a video conference, so it would be hard for them to do any real recruiting. I guess it’s still useful for the first-year students…

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