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Balthazar Auger


igf, Poesysteme2 min read

Seeing as the conditions at the IGF pavilion weren’t optimal for poesysteme-ing, I decided to go towards the “performance” approach and have every visitor collaborate to create and maintain a poesysteme every day. The game only got rebooted when the game crashed and at the end of the day.

People could add one or several words and see how they would trounce or get trounced by the other words that were there already there, adding their contribution to the gene pool. Before they left, I asked them if they wanted to adopt a word, based on a “Love at first sight” algorithm. Upon seeing a word they liked, they were asked to write a quick sentence depicting what the word meant.

Their collaborative efforts result in this dictionary of the absurd.

Bredinateur (noun): The engine by which bright, new thoughts are generated and populated through the universe – Juliana

Breimag (noun): Knitting magazine – Fulko

Cantiscient (adj.): Awareness of the colour purple – Matt

Cantsome (adj.): Good at poetry, proeficient with flow and pace – Michael

Cerveale (noun): Topping for salads that are tasteless. Eg: parsley – Bard

Chednote (noun): A musical sound that makes you feel sick when you hear it – Jon

Compoeze (noun): A composer of musical accompagnment for poetic readings – Tom

Cowdatan (noun): An electronic representation of a spherical bovine in its singular, neuter form – Zach

Deflesca (noun): A disarming move, with a flourish. (Words are disarming) – Chris Hudak

Delusthal (noun): A rare herb that grows in spilled garbage. Consuming it makes a person delusional – Austin Spafford

Dodora (noun): A small portal suitable for the passage of animals. Eg: a mousehole – Brian

Dynana (name): A warrior princess at the far away planet (Theinde) captured by the evil spacelord “Asshole”. She’s really beautiful – Nils

Hackerbacker (noun): A person funding illegal computing activities – Warren & Marcus

Ininple (adj.): A hard to unravel situation. Eg: Being lost in an ininple situation – Rutgen

Kinkinvana (name): The mythical home of Hrothgar in the Icelandic sagas – Mary F

Naestist (noun): A refutation of aesthetic principles – Sam

Nagorgor (name): A distant land where hairy giants stomp the earth – Roki

Phargrapharty (noun, swedish): When you visit a drug dealer and he is throwing a sweet party at the crack house – Jared

Pingship (noun): An ocean-going vessel that visits a port somewhere in the world, then returns to it’s originating port, reporting how long the trip took. Sometimes, these ships fall out of the world & go missing – David H

Porshock (noun): Sticker shock when you see the price of a Porsche – Nick

Saqnist (verb): To apply the “Mystical Method” to derive conclusions from data. 1) Theorize 2) Apply 3) see 1 – Chris

Tercoterries (name): A Space Dog Pirate captain searching the world for his lost sheep – Micah

Torstyligre (noun): A striped, spiked candy – Jon

Wabieogwa (Yoruba word): Greetings in early afternoon indicating slight itch in left thigh – Colm

Wemithapend (name): A small town in Iceland where nobody ever dies – Josh

There are still some words generated during the GDC that went unadopted (I didn’t have the guts to put them in a bag and drown them in the river, they’re all SO CUTE! ^_^), and if you, reader, happen to see one you love and can feel the love back, please adopt it in the comments!

Unadopted words: Chuniboudanwa, Constiontit, Theriencus, Rakavenira, Mingun, Goticau, Mouthorcrom, Tisather, Wordhubkan.

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