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Balthazar Auger

To blog a prototype: M.A.Z.E.

maze, prototype, student game1 min read

Our second year assignment at the ENJMIN is to prototype a game like we would if we wanted to sell it to someone and /or attempt to make money with it. They gave us six months with a 9-person team, something I gather is sort of close to the “real deal”.

So, then I got lucky and my pitch got selected (out of 22 pitches from students in all concentrations, 5 were kept) . To make it short, it’s a puzzle game based where you build a maze in a “Tetris” fashion for little computer-controlled heroes to have adventures in. The catch is that the further away from a hero you place the treasure, the more it will be worth when he grabs it, so you have to run your eyes through the maze you built to know where the hero will be in the future. A more thorough description will come later.

What I intend to do is to write weekly on the advance of the project, as an attempt to document the gestation of a game with publishing intentions, something that is usually kept secret in most studios.

Next week, the team!

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