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Balthazar Auger

1pxg: Hold when black, release when white - with warning and random intervals

1pxg1 min read

Today’s prototype is an attempt to remedy the limited interest of the previous iteration by using a very cheap trick: random intervals.

Cyan nodes indicate the presence of randomness.

[![Random intervals between black and white states]( "09-hwb-rww-warningrandomtime")]( intervals between black and white states
Random numbers are often used as a cheap method of renewing an experience who would otherwise feel repetitive or stale. The addition of an unknown variable in the system undermines the feeling of control (and boredom) one develops when confronted with a grokked system. Please give the following prototype a spin to see what changes when adding a random variable (time, in this case).

Click here to show/hide the prototype

I believe it is safe to say that this iteration feels more interesting than the previous one. Next prototype will see a variation on the random variable.
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