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Balthazar Auger

1pxg: Hold when black, release when white - with tolerance and random successor

1pxg1 min read

Another experiment with randomness, this time applied to the way states follow each other. When a state’s timer is depleted, there’s a random choice between both black and white states to see which one will be the next.

[![Random next state]( "11-hwb-rww-tolerancerandomnext")]( next state
The main issue here is that this prototype feels a little like yesterday’s, but for the wrong reasons. Since the tolerance is of the color of the state it precedes, when a “black” state follows another “black” state, the transition tolerance is black too. What happens then is that we have some states that seem to last longer than others, only because they are made of several successive, similar states with no graphical indication of transition between them.

Click here to show/hide the prototype

The main takeaway from this experiment is that for something to gain existence in a virtual system, it must be **visible** or have a **visible effect** on something else. If a rule has no visual manifestations, there is no way for the player to know it exists.

Next prototype will be an attempt to make the “random successor” rule visible.

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