I own a computer again!

This might sound weird but it’s been some years now where I didn’t really own a computer. I had a small eeePC netbook I had bought in 2010 that diligently chugged along for some years. It suited me for late night writing and even some light development, but then it kind of fell into disrepair, and I ended up spending more time fixing it than actually using it… Then the kids grew up and started using the home computers more, I kind of drifted to only using the computer at work.

When I got home there wasn’t really time or energy to think about that, and buying a computer just to goof around was too prohibitive for our family finances, so I just went by on borrowed machines when I had something to get done at home.

This was before COVID hit. When that started, I took home the PC from work. The invasive security measures and power of those machines made it so it was pretty safe from my kids wanting to use it, and so I kind of recovered the taste for personal computing…

So now for my upcoming birthday I decided to pamper myself in buying a laptop that wouldn’t become obsolete so fast, to recover those precious hours where the kids are asleep.

The hours between 11pm and 1am are my favorite time of day for introspection or experimentation, and I’m glad to have them back.