Secret project part 3: On Hiatus

As is goes, Secret Project’s development is currently frozen. It has been for the last two months, actually. Not super for the project, but good for the company.

We decided to freeze development right after coming back from Gamescom, because a big contract got signed and we needed everyone on that job to get the ball rolling. Additionally, since the signed project is in the roughly same genre as Secret Project, it would look bad releasing it while initial development was going on on the other one.

And yet, this may turn out to be for the best after all. I am able to take a few steps back on the design and look at it with fresh eyes (the time before Gamescom was pretty crazy in that regard, we completely overhauled the look of the game in 4 weeks!), and we’re also getting to develop some finer technical infrastructure that I hope will carry over to Secret Project once development resumes.

Meanwhile, we’re also getting good vibes from the few people we showed the alpha to in GC, and I still get to go ahead and fill the backlog while no one’s looking to sneak in more important features.

I hope to report back soon with part 4: the Thawing!