Poesysteme - critical reception

As a sort of before-after experiment, I wanted to see if there were going to be significant differences in terms of coverage before and after the GDC for Poesysteme. My hypothesis is YES, but we’ll see.

Until now, only four people have blogged about Poesysteme.

The first one is Pippa, over at @joburg. Pippa is, in a way, my first “fan”. She played the game right after I was done with it and hadn’t sent it to any contests. She asked me to give a lecture for her faculty, which I did gladly. It was my first public speech too, good practice!

Also pre-IGF nomination, Marie Lechner over at Ecrans talked about the game when she saw it at e.magiciens 07. I’ve written (in french) about that encounter some time ago.

After the IGF, and barring the numerous sites that copied the game list straight from the site, Blain Newport wrote about his play sessions about the IGF nominees offering a playable version to the public. He thus wrote about Poesysteme.

It’s more of an experiment than a game. I got bored after a minute or two and moved on.

Then, Matthew Williamson picked random independent games and ranked them after a 30-minute play session.

[…]ultimately I just think that this is an interactive screensaver and a boring one to boot.

So that’s it until now, I guess we’ll see (or not) how everything goes after the GDC tornado passes…

Update: I had forgot about Ian Schreiber’s piece on student games where he mentions the game. He was in the IGF’s judging panel, so I guess he must have a different opinion than the latter two ;-) .